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December December

Heyo, happy December folks :)

It was verrrrrry wet in Los Angeles this past week, 5 days of nonstop rain. Caught a sunny day driving back home to the Bay Area, where I not only hang my hat but my hearrrrt this holiday season…

In LA we were editing our music video – we have a rough cut, I thought it was closer to the final cut but then I showed it to a Real Professional Editor (thank you:) who made some really attainable suggestions as to how to improve it. So, it will be ready by the end of the year, and I’m glad we waited to push it out.

It’s been a truly incredible year for us – we have met so many new and wonderful people and deepened and strengthened our relationships with so many freaking creative folks – like yoga stretches, but in songwriting and making music videos.

Which you will see, soon enough :) Last year I got to record one of my favorite Christmas songs for you; this year, I was busy & told not to sing so garshdurn much in prep for our gig http://www.stubmatic.com/bottomofthehill/event/6162 before year’s end.

But here’s a download of the song we did last year. The sentiment remains. I hope you get to spend these last weeks of 2010 with people you love and who love you.

On a Mac, click CTRL+Click > Download Linked File. On a PC, Right Click > Save File As. If you’d rather watch it, the video is below.
OONA – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Thank you for your everything.

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