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Giving Thanks

Hello sweet sultry symbiotic beings,

Thank you to everyone who tuned into our 80 minutes on 107.7 The Bone Sunday night – and thanks to Joe Rock for having us. One. Class. Act.

Thank you for the kind birthday wishes :)

Thank you for coming by last night to check out our Album Listening Slash Birthday Party.

Thank you for the food & kindness on all these paths.

Thanks for your ears and support and dancing feet along the journey to putting this record out.

Thank you for singing along….

When I look back on where I started with this project, meeting Dave, and Steve, the rather elementary song ideas I brought in… writing “Trouble” together and Dave blowing my mind with the simplest drum kit you’ve ever seen, and that gorgeous and squirrelly Juno-6 arpeggiator, we played it for Matt Beezy, he said “I dunno, Oona dropping an F-bomb…. ”

Talking to Rick following my Craigslist post – him sending songs to Andrew; them telling me I might want to give earplugs a chance… Andrew subtly and so politely offering to bring in a guitar player (Alex). Getting that crappy used M-audio controller in the mail, it was so not meant for live; Andrew and Rick firmly and unreservedly telling me I belonged on keys and that the music deserved a “real” guitar player – without ever making me feel bad….

Dave playing acoustic guitar for me for the first time – opening my mind to harmonics I hadn’t ever imagined, and inviting me to write to his chords, which quickly turned into “King” (who remembers it?) – one of those songs that only lives live, elusive but firm.

The freaks and good folks I lived with in San Francisco – the horrible, nasty lunatic who drove me to the point of getting my own place in Oakland, as it became clear that if music is the most stable thing in my life, I was in trouble. Buying that blessed $500 car – after years on busses and bicycles and BART, accepting the fact that musical gear needs a freaking RIDE.

Learning to be present on stage. Learning to do everything onstage… My first formal vocal lessons… Trying to play bass… Breakups makeups and breakups again…

There were all the bigger things, too, but you probably already know what they are. I never, in my wildest dreams, could have imagined that when I did finally put an album out, it would be this good. Of course, I didn’t know the scope of Dave’s creativity, our mutual inspiration, and how much farther I would grow as a singer and writer in a few years.

My heartfelt thanks to Dave “composer, arranger, producer, writer, push-me-farther, show-me-better-melodies” Tweedie. I am so proud to put my name on this record.

Enough mumbo jumbo touchy feely shit, I have a music video to style!! Shhhhout! is out digitally on November 30 – that’s one week from today. If you love it, do me a solid and share it with all your internet friends on the real ok????

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