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my heart was torn, but today it is feeling SO much better!!

Matt Berkeley, keys. Photo by Greg SchroederHiiiii all,

Welcome to OONAmusic.com!!!

This has been a VERY exciting day – starting with a text message from my sister in DC at 5:12am (Cali time :) saying we were up on iTunes, and she’d bought both tracks. I tried, I really tried, to drag my eyes open and pick up the computer and let y’all know, but…. i slept for 3 more hours… do forgive me :)

RIGHT NOW – as of 7:37PM, Wednesday, December 2, 2009, we are #84 on itunes, wow. i can’t believe it. I checked those charts earlier today, and was like, ohoh, wishful thinking miss Oona.

Then I got a text from Max in LA, saying we were number 112, and oh wow.

I am so excited, so honored, so delighted….. i am so amazed. I’m here with Dave (Tweedie) and Stephen (Bradley – he played horns on TMH) and we can’t wipe the grins off our faces……

I wonder how long we can keep Tore My Heart in itunes’ Top 100 –

Don’t forget to request from your local ‘adult contemporary’ radio station – in SF, that’s a text to 25423, Alice@97.3

ok we need to eat, more soon!

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