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Dear OONA, STFU if you want to sing. Photo by http://TheAvant-Gardist.com

I do it every day. I do it with you, I do it alone in the shower, the mirror, walking to the store. I do it on the phone, at the gym, at the news, with people I’ve known forever and those I’ve never met. I do it in two languages. I do it alone, I do it with a partner, I do it with everyone in the band, I have probably even done it with you. Lately I’ve been doing it plugged in, in front of lots of people, and now, if I want to keep doing it, I have to STFU for a week.

Doctor’s orders. I injured my vocal cords singing with a cold back in October, and they didn’t recover. All that gabbing and crowing and making the music video and partying with you last month didn’t do me too many favors. Voice injuries can be nasty. I have loved to sing for as long as I can remember, and I think as long as anyone who knows me can remember, and the idea of not being able to do it forever makes me want to curl into a ball and cry.

So I’m following doc’s orders, trying to. Trying harder than ever before to get this ship in order so we can set out to sea and meet and play for every single one of you.

Taking the week to try and get our music video done – IT’S BEAUTIFUL in its raw form, thank you for your faces <3 <3 <3 – it should keep me quiet.

Except for the fact that Chase and Dave are funny boys and I keep wanting to chime in.

Discipline, discipline, discipline. And seriously, I’ve made enough noise in the last few years that I am probably due for a week of silence.

I love to sing more than anything in this world, but of course if I knew how to keep my mouth shut I wouldn’t have stuck my foot in it so many times. Life, you are so fucking funny.

Happy “STFU IF YOU WANT TO SING” Week Babes,

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