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The Tale of OONA & The Root

Wednesday morning I met J Sider and Nic Heilesen at RootMusic headquarters (sidenote to musicians – if you really haven’t made the move to Bandpage, you are missing out, and I can’t share your dope ass mf songs with all my friends… just sayin’) We are appearing in a video they are making, and it’s beautiful. The three of us traipsed about town in the dawnlight, Kent a kindly chauffeur, and met the rest of the band and RootMusic at Cafe du Nord at 10 o’clock. False eyelashes, and a grand energetic pantomime of our current favorite song.

Sunday night, at Midnight, Dave and I will be kicking it with Joe Rock on 107.7 The Bone – you can listen on your FM dial in the Bay Area, or watch a stream online – we’ll be spinning some of our favorite local and not so local, current and not-so-current songs – and word around town is there might be a prize of some sort if you do tune in……Click the banner on our homepage to get the in-studio webcam, or click right here.

YOU are looking forward to Turkey, but I am also looking forward to shooting a music video full or artsy seductive types whose beautiful faces make that camera shine and blush. I am still on the hunt for a flowing pastel pink gown, you can call it my Cinderella fantasy, and you wouldn’t be wrong, but I’m calling it inspiration. Thank you to everyone who has so generously offered me their flowing dresses – but really, I couldn’t, ’cause I’m going to be doing a bunch of sprints and it will be stink and stank.

We ARE releasing Shhhhout! – a 9-song album – on November 30 2010. The RootMusic video will also be appearing on November 30 so you will have a busy day of OONA content, should you choose to accept.

I am so so so so busy and loving it, there is nothing I would rather be spending my time and energy on. As ever, we are indebted to your generosity of spirit and enthusiasm and really really really hope you like the record, tell alllll your friends about it, and bear with us as we move into this shameless but totally heartfelt period of self-promotion!

Yours, I am, yours,

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One Response to The Tale of OONA & The Root

  1. Will Tran says:

    Thanks for the love OONA! We listen to your music here at work all the time! Can’t wait see you at the legendary party on the 30th.

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