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I want to SEE you on Friday!!

Hello my dearest darling intellectuals and genre-benders,

Man oh man, boy oh boy, am I running ragged. We had a gorgeous band practice last night, you know how we do, Band Practice Tuesday… ran through some choice numbers and then the full set for Friday – which will be over 70 minutes of OONA. That is a lot. You’ve only ever had 45 minutes, max, in the past. This also means you are REALLY likely to hear your favorite song, even if we haven’t been playing it lately…. ALSO there are lots of inspired gags and parlor tricks, which have only come to life because we play so hard. I also went to the trouble of making up a new joke. Read to the end and I will tell it to you.

Today, I had to do a bunch of non-music related things like working a double shift. It was REALLY foggy driving across the Bay Bridge this morning… so I left my lights on all day. Sweet…. Thanks to Farouk for the friendly jump. Really, you were so nice about it…

When I got home, for kicks and giggles, I locked my keys in the car. Thanks DT for coming to my rescue on that one….

It’s good to be able to laugh about these things :) pretty impressive, a wise-ass gal like me having that kind of absentmindedness? When it rains it pours. Please remind me Friday: DON”T FORGET THE TAMBO, YOU LOVE THE TAMBO.

In the meantime, get those Red Devil Lounge tickets, there may not be any at the door (selling out? amazing for us. but we’d much like you to be there).

Dave is making amazing things happen in the studio right now, this mix is about to be mix-mastered!!

And, a joke:

Q: What did the Vampire say to the poor chap who listened to too much Kid A and slit his wrists?


i never said it was a good joke…..

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